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Living in Metro Atlanta presents lots of opportunities to take short vacations, especially if you have children in the public school system. The varying school systems in the metro area, have Fall break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, as well as other days off which make 3 day weekends. Time is available for families to travel, but although there is time, there might not always be money. Here are some tips for affordable travel:



Megabus leaves from Atlanta to about 30 destinations, but it is even possible to take connecting buses all the way to Canada if you like. The buses are comfortable, they have wifi, and you can even reserve seats with a table.  A money-saving tip for riding on Megabus is to buy your tickets early. Months in advance if you can. The ticket prices are super cheap, if you buy them super early. For example, a family of four can travel from Atlanta to Chicago for $200 or New Orleans for $156.00, if the tickets are bought two months in advance. THAT’S THE WHOLE FAMILY, NOT PER PERSON!!!

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is another means of travel that is super cheap if you buy tickets super early. Since many of the school breaks that occur in Atlanta are at off holiday season times, it is easy for a family to get great deals on flight tickets. Frontier flys all over the USA from Atlanta. Money-saving tips for flying Frontier is to manage your clothing and luggage. Underpack. If you can squeeze your clothes into a backpack or briefcase, that counts as a personal item, and there is not baggage fee for that. If you absolutely must pack a full bag, squeeze the whole family’s items into one checked bag. To save even more money, join their Den Deals Club. It’s just $50 per year, and one membership can save up on up to 6 tickets on the same purchase. Lastly, don’t pay extra for insurance or reserving seats. Also be aware that they do not give away free drinks and snacks. Be prepared to go without or to purchase them.


Once you get to the city you can Uber or Lyft it to your hotel, so that you don’t have to rent a car. However, if you prefer to rent a car, through Hotwire. Hot rate cars offer the best deals. Hotwire can also be used to get a hotel room. A money-saving tip is to always reserve about 2.5 star hotels because they usually come with a free breakfast. Who doesn’t want to save on the price of a family meal while on a getaway. It makes room in the budget for more exciting activities. If you aren’t sure, just check out what the room provides for free to get the best deal. You want to look for free parking, free internet & free breakfast to get the best bang for your buck.

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When choosing a family getaway destination, you can save more money if the choose a location which has lots of built in free activities. Such as Washington, D.C. which has all the Smithsonian Museums for free, which include the National Zoo too. Chicago also has lots of free attractions. Of course, the beach offers free fun & National Parks offer inexpensive fun. Do your research for free fun at your getaway place.



Be sure to try to find places to eat that are away from the tourist area. Instead being dazzled by fancy restaurants in the tourist area, look for a pizza joint or a Chinese restaurant. These are two places, which offer family friendly prices, especially if they are not in the tourist part of town.


Road Trips

If you want to take a road trip for your getaways, here’s a series to give you some great ideas! Whatever method you choose to get away, just remember that time with family is affordable and necessary. A little planning ahead save you a bundle.



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