I love my Kroger Plus Card!

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I love Kroger because it customizes it inventory to fit the neighborhood in which it lives. So if your Kroger is in Southwest Atlanta, expect plenty enough greens and Chitterlings (yuck) at holiday time. If your Kroger is in Toco Hills expect plenty of challah bread and gefilte fish. I know that these are generalizations, but it is a reality that Atlantans gather in neighborhoods based on culture, race, religion, and so forth. Kroger seems to be well aware of what its customers want, and I love that about them.

Well, two months ago I discovered another reason why I love Kroger. My Kroger Plus card, which I use religiously, tracked my purchases and Kroger sent me RELEVANT coupons in the mail. Kroger collected data about me, and how I shop and sent me coupons for things I actually buy. I LOVE THAT!!!

Not to mention how my spending is tracked through the card and gives me fuel points to use for gas. Every 100 point I receive equals a $.10 off of per gallon of my gas. And we all know that Atlantans use a bunch of GAS!


So I highly recommend getting a Kroger Plus card for when you shop at Kroger.


It is rare to find coupons for the kinds of food that I buy. My household is vegetarian/Vegan/Pescatarian, so we rarely find coupons for what we love in the regular coupon section. That’s why it was great for Kroger to send me coupons for those specific things that I buy. I love my Kroger Plus Card!


I saved $19.15 with the coupons Kroger sent me. I also got a few BOGOs while I was there, and of course I clocked a few more points for cheap gas!

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